Who we are

Ceroc has been introducing people to the world of partner dancing for over 30 years with hundreds of classes across the globe.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Modern Jive’, our dance form is influenced by many styles including, but not limited to Salsa, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Hip Hop, Street dance, Tango and Jive.

There is no footwork to learn and we guarantee you will be confident enough to dance after your very first lesson. Going to a Ceroc evening is a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit all whilst learning to dance!


It’s so easy to join a Ceroc class, all you need to do is turn up! You don’t need to pre-book or even come with a partner. No special clothes or shoes required.

Where and when we dance

Weekly class nights are held on Tuesdays, at Timbre Music Academy Level 2 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. Should there be any venue updates, details will be posted on the yellow notice bar below, on Facebook, and also on Meetup. So you will always be able to find us!

How to join

Our lovely ladies at the door will register your attendance when you arrive, money will change hands, and that’s it! For a small membership fee of $5, you can enjoy member rates for the entry fee and lifetime access to Ceroc events worldwide!

Standard entry fee for the night

Members: $25 (Student: $15)

Non-members: $30 (Student: $20)

Freestyle only (from 9pm): $15

Dance packages (for members only)

5 class package: $115 (Student: $70)

10 class package: $200 (Student: $120)

What happens

With the exception of party/freestyle nights, all Ceroc classes in the world follow the same format.

Beginner's Class

We start the night with a 45 minute beginner lesson where you will learn a simple routine of 3 moves. The teacher will invite you onto the dance floor and you just join in! During the class the teacher will rotate everyone so you get to dance with different people, with different styles.

After the beginners class we then play music for 3 or 4 songs (freestyle) so you can practise the moves you have just learnt with the people that you have met in the lesson.


Intermediate Class

When you feel comfortable with the beginner’s class, you can move up to the next class where you will learn up to four harder moves over 30-45 minutes.

It usually takes about 6 to 8 beginner’s classes to master the basic moves. If you’re impatient and you want to progress quicker, we do host 3-4 hour workshops at weekends, after which you would be able to move up to the Intermediate classes.


Beginner's Practice Class (run concurrently with the Intermediate Class)

For beginners, we offer a refresher session just for you during the Intermediate class. Some of our more experienced and friendly volunteers called “taxi dancers” host these sessions and are on hand to help which makes this an ideal opportunity to recap the moves you have just learnt. Hail one at any point during the evening if you would like some help. They are dedicated to helping beginners!

If you want to learn really quickly, we host 3-4 hour workshops. These are designed for complete beginners and are held on weekends. Places are limited and therefore you must book a place in advance. No need to book with a partner. Click here or email for more details.



Your night out really starts when the DJ takes command after the intermediate class. Everyone returns to the main room and there is about an hour of pure uninterrupted dance where you can improve your Ceroc style and soak up the atmosphere. It’s extremely addictive!

Learning to dance relies on muscle memory so the more you practise the easier it becomes. This is social dance time that we call ‘Freestyle’. You are free to dance as much as you like, and leave whenever you feel ready.


A little nervous about joining your first Ceroc evening? This link brings you to a page that helps new members understand more about the dance club.

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Weekender in Phuket – how can you refuse?!

Friday 21st
Dinner + Drinks

Saturday 22nd
Daytime: Sightseeing + Sun + Sand + Sea
Evening: Dinner + Fun Class + Dance Party

Sunday 23rd
Beach Brunch + 2 Ceroc Workshops

RSVP to dance@cerocasia.com. Be there or be glum!

On another note…

Travelling out of Singapore this week? Get your dance fix at Ceroc in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or any other worldwide destination!

Want something even more exciting? Make a dance holiday out of your trip!

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