Private Lessons

Whether you want focused sessions to improve your dancing or whether you want to learn your first wedding dance, we are here for you!

Instructor Fees

Solo lesson – $80/hour

Couple lesson – $150/hour ($140/hour for the first time)


4 hours – $560 ($140 per class) + 1 group class free
6 hours – $810 ($135 per class) + 2 group classes free
8 hours – $1040 ($130 per class) + 3 group classes free
10 hours – $1250 ($125 per class) + 4 group classes free

Please note:

  1. These rates are only for instructor fees and do not include studio rental. The additional cost of studio rental will be borne by the student(s). Ceroc Singapore will do our best to find a reasonably priced studio that is available at your preferred time slot.
  2. Should the you decide to have lessons conducted at a location of your own choosing instead (this includes your house), the cost of the instructor’s taxi fare will be borne by you.
  3. Payment will be made directly to the instructors.

Email us to book your first private session!

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