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Learn to dance in one night. Yes, one night is all it takes to learn a few basic moves to get you dancing.

If you have two left feet but have always dreamed of gracing the dance floor, perhaps it is time you tried the new dance craze.

Tens of thousands of people across the globe have already got the Ceroc bug as it can provide a great way to meet people and stay in shape.

Now this dynamic blend of multiple dance forms has become so popular it is the largest and fastest growing partner dance in the UK.

The dance is easy to learn and although you dance with partners, most people come on their own.

At every Ceroc night without fail there will be a good number of complete beginners. Therefore we hold a 45 minute class where you will learn 3 or 4 of the basic moves. After which you will be able to practice the routine.

Learning to dance with Ceroc is very easy, there’s no complicated footwork to worry about. After just 45 minutes you will have a routine of 3 or 4 moves that you will be able to dance in the freestyle.

One of the great things about Ceroc is there’s no need to come with a partner. Our teaching method means everyone changes partners. So come and join the other scores of new people coming to Ceroc for the first time every week. Learning to dance with Ceroc is a great way to keep fit, socialise and enjoy a complete night out.

So whether you are a dance professional, studying dance or thinking of studying dance then learning to dance with Ceroc is a great way of learning the fundamentals of dance in its general form. This will help you along your dance journey.


What is Ceroc?

The dance styles that closely resemble what people learn at a Ceroc night are Jive, Ballroom, Tango and Salsa. Learning to partner dance with Ceroc is the largest and fastest growing dance organisation in the UK. More than 320,000 people will learn to dance with Ceroc this year in over 200 locations every week across the country.

Since the early 80’s Ceroc has developed its own unique style which is easy to learn and great fun. Besides this, it’s a fantastic way to keep fit and a very sociable way to spend an evening. One of the other great things about Ceroc is that there’s no need to come with a partner. Our teaching method means everyone changes partners during the class.

Learning to dance is a great way to keep fit, socialise and enjoy a complete night out.

Come and join the hundreds of new people who are learning to dance every week.

All Ceroc nights start with a beginners class for 45 minutes. Then there is a short freestyle session followed by the more challenging Intermediate class. After this 30-45 minute class, your night out really starts when the DJ takes command of the freestyle session. This is about an hour of pure uninterrupted dance where you can improve your dance style and soak up the atmosphere’s addictive ambience.

Well don’t take our word for it, see what the papers say:

‘The only sociable way we know to keep fit’ FHM Magazine

‘Possibly the most fun you can have mid-week’ Time Out Magazine

‘Chic, Sexy and good clean fun’ The Times Newspaper

‘After half an hour, I couldn’t believe how much I’d learnt.
No more shuffling around the floor for me at weddings’.
Claire Ainsworth Channel 4


10 Commandments

The ten most important things you should know when attending your first Ceroc night:

1. You don’t need to come with a partner.

2. It doesn’t matter if you miss a week.

3. The more you dance in the freestyle the quicker you learn.

4. The women ask the men to dance as much as the men ask the women.

5. For fast track learning, try a 4 hour weekend workshop.

6. No Ceroc venue allows you to bring in your own drink.

7. Saying no to someone when they ask you to dance is unusual at Ceroc.

8. Teachers are very approachable and happy to go through the routine with you.

9. It usually takes about 6 beginner’s classes before you’ll feel comfortable in the Intermediate class.

10. And finally, the man leads and the lady follows.



I’ve got 2 left feet! Can I really learn to Dance?
Partner dancing is like anything, you need to be taught it before you can do it. The way we teach at Ceroc is to minimize instructions about how to move your feet, the dance is aimed at people with absolutely no dance experience.

Do I need to book in advance?
No. Every week there will always be a number of people there for the first time and therefore we always run complete beginners classes. These are always at the beginning of the night and therefore it’s important that you turn up on time.

Do I need to bring a partner?
No! Just turn up. The teaching method means that everyone has to change partners during the classes, and therefore it doesn’t make any difference whether you come on your own or with friends. A recent survey at one of the venues showed that 80% of the people who come to Ceroc come on their own.

What do people wear?
As for clothes, anything goes. Casual wear or dress up which ever makes you feel comfortable. As for shoes we recommend that you avoid trainers and wear something with a smooth sole.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary between venues, but it’s usually $25 for the whole night in Singapore. Concessions are available for students. Everyone has to become a member and this costs $5.

Which venue should I go to?
It really doesn’t matter as they all follow the same format. We suggest picking the venue that’s nearest to you.

Ceroc can save you money!
Cancel your gym membership and join Ceroc. It’s such a great aerobic workout that it has been officially endorsed by the British Heart Foundation. The dance works all the major muscle groups including arms, upper body and waist.

Did you know that dancing burns up to 800 calories per hour?
Although Ceroc is quite a tough aerobic workout, you probably won’t notice
because you’ll be enjoying the dance and the atmosphere.


Dancing and Health

Moving to music is a natural instinct for all of us. Ceroc is so much fun, you’ll forget you’re exercising. Learning to dance with Ceroc is relaxed and social, good for both your body and mind !

Good for You
To help stay healthy, the Government recommends that everyone take part in
30 minutes of moderate intense physical activity three times a week. That’s activity that gets you breathing faster, and increases your heart rate. That doesn’t mean that you need to be pouring with sweat and panting. So a mid-week Ceroc dance class is an excellent way of keeping in shape as you don’t need any special clothing or shoes, in fact you don’t even need a partner!

British Heart Foundation 
Regular Ceroc dancing will reduce your risk of Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 Diabetes and even some Cancers. It’s therefore hardly surprising the ‘British Heart Foundation’, ‘Weight Watchers’ and ‘BUPA’ have all recommended our classes.

Bones and Joints
Dancing helps to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. The strain on your bones helps them to stay strong and dense. Also the dips, turns and side-to-side movements in dance routines make good use of your muscles and joints, combating Osteoarthritis.

Brain Teaser
Not only can exercise slow mental decline, but it may actually enhance brain
power. And there’s some evidence that listening to music while you exercise
stimulates mental functioning more than silent activities. So regular
dancing might even help you impress your chess mates or solve those trickier
crossword clues.

A Great Social Life
Most of our Beginner classes attract over 100 people, and therefore there will be no shortage of people to dance and chat with. Being part of a group, team or community is one of the keys to a happy life.

What makes our dance style unique?
It’s not like any other dance, it is many other dances! A fusion of many dance forms including Ballroom, Latin, Jive, Tango and Salsa combining sensuous moves, dips and turns taught in a way that makes learning to dance fun and easy.


I'm sold! Where do I sign up?

Good choice! Just click on the button that says “Classes” for all the important details.

Join us in Bangkok this May for the Ceroc Pan Asia Championships!